Consultancy on Proposal and Planning of Study on Chemsex


The National Strategic Plan to End AIDS (NSPEA) by the Ministry of Health Malaysia under Strategy 2 – Improving Quality and Coverage of Prevention Programme among Key Populations under 2.25 Managing Drug Dependency in MSM Community, has planned the following activities to fast-track towards ending AIDS  :

•          Identify MSM using polysubstance/ice in existing prevention and treatment programme

•          Design a Pilot Intervention for MSM with drug use (peer support, psychosocial support, harm reduction paradigm using case management approach)

Meth Use in Malaysia based on the National Anti-Drug Agency (AADK) Statistics of Drug Type Use for 2018 indicates that 42% from all other types of Drug Use, while the Country Report on HIV/AIDS 2018 shows that in 2014, 26.9% of MSM use psychotropic drugs before sex.

A study conducted in Malaysia on the management of methamphetamine use in sexual settings among men who have sex with men showed that only one-fifth of participants of the study reported to always using condoms, while most participants believed that condom use were less important or even necessary. 

The Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC) in line with the NSPEA will be developing a Community Care Model based on the London’s 56 Dean Street Model.  Therefore, we would like to seek the services of a Consultant to develop a proposal for the study and obtain ethic approval to be implemented in June 2020.


The aim of the study is to identify the Risk Behaviours, Epidemiology, Medical and Psychiatric Effects, Treatment, and Harm Reduction Efforts for Meth Users.

General Objective

To assess risk and collect data on Chemsex users among MSM in Malaysia and ensure the linkages to prevention and treatment support.

Specific Objectives:

a.         Study on the Recruitment of Chemsex Participants.

b.         Prevalence of HIV, HCV and STI among Chemsex Users.

c.         Develop a Sustainable Model of Harm Reduction of Chemsex.

d.         Intervention and success of intervention by linking Chemsex Participants according to their specific needs.

The study will be based on the following components:

•          Chemsex among MSM

•          Chemsex and HIV, HCV and STIs

•          Chemsex and Mental Health

•          Modalities of recruitment and intervention.

Study Setting

The study will be conducted on the following settings:

1.         On-line Apps

2.         Social Media

3.         Site(s) – Private GP or a Primary Health Centre

Expected Outcomes

1.         Data collection on social demographic of Chemsex users.

2.         Recommendations on recruitment of MSM who use Chemsex.

3.         Linkages to prevention and treatment support for Chemsex users.

4.         Recommendations on approaches or community care models for Chemsex use.

Consultant’s Role

The Consultant role will be to develop the proposal for the study and obtain ethic approval to be implemented in June 2020.

The output expected by the consultant:

1)         Draft of Proposal of the Study and Budget

2)         Inclusion of Feedback from Researchers and MAC

3)         Inclusion of Feedback from Community Consultation Workshop

4)         Finalization :

a.         Proposal

b.         Budget

c.         Study Protocol

d.         Submission of Ethics and Approval

Deliverables and timeframe

No Deliverables Date
1 Draft of Proposal and Budget 30 January 2020
2 Present to Research Working Group – incorporate feedback in Proposal Mid-February 2020
3 Present to Community – incorporate feedback in Proposal End February / Early March 2020
4 Finalisation of Proposal, Study Protocol and submission for Ethics Approval End of March 2020
5 Ethics Approval May 2020

Payment Schedule

The fee will be paid in three (3) installments:

  • 1st installment – 30 percent of the fee upon signing the contract
  • 2nd installment – 40 percent of the fee upon submission of deliverable No. 1
  • 3rd and final installment – 30 percent of the fee upon submission of deliverables No. 5

Malaysian AIDS Council reserves the right to withhold all or a portion of payment if performance is unsatisfactory, if work/outputs is incomplete, not delivered or for failure to meet deadlines.

Duration of Consultancy Period

A total number of 25 days of engagement:

  • 5 days and submission of Draft of Proposal and Budget.
  • 20 days of approval of Ethics.

Qualifications of the Consultant

A qualified consultant should have:

  • Minimum 2 years (ideal of 5 years) relevant experience in qualitative and quantitative research projects. Interest, experience, and/or academic training in Hepatitis, HIV, public health, human rights, international development, or related field is a plus;
  • Advanced University Degree in social sciences (if applicable, members of the research team must hold University Degree in social sciences);
  • Ability to develop proposals, budgets and study protocols.
  • Experience in planning and coordination among various stakeholders;
  • Experience working with communities of key populations and/or marginalized populations (e.g. people who inject drugs, men-who-have-sex-with men, sex workers, people living with HIV);
  • Strong English writing skills;
  • Fluency in English; local language mother tongue;
  • Experience in community-based research is a plus.

To Apply:

Send Expression of Interest (EOI) Letter including the consultant(s) Curriculum Vitae along with a copy of previous work or a concept note, on or before 20th December 2019 to [email protected] c.c. [email protected].  Financial remuneration will be discussed only upon shortlisted.