The Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC) along with our partner organisations and the People Living with Hepatitis community celebrates World Hepatitis Day, today on the 28th of July 2020 with full aspiration due to the endeavour taken by Ministry of Health (MoH) Malaysia with Non-Governmental Organisations and all stakeholders has resulted with the availibility of hepatitis C treatment in most government clinics and hospitals. Prior to this, hepatitis C treatment was expensive, limited and had severe side effects. Now with MoH’s initiatives, the new treatment is free, effective within a short time without severe side effects. The current hepatitis C treatment works and can cure People Living with the Hepatitis C, changing their status to Hep C Free People.

The national theme of the World Hepatitis Day is #MyMissingMillions which emphasises the importance of detecting as many individuals infected with hepatitis so that treatment can immediately be provided.

MAC fully supports the statement by the Director General of Health Malaysia, Datuk Dr. Noor Hisham bin Abdullah on the prevention and treatment of viral hepatitis. Our next step would be to meet the target of the National Hepatitis Strategic Plan to end and eliminate hepatitis infection in Malaysia. We can achieve this target by working together with MoH and our partner organisations to bring the community for testing and treatment, and with the expansion of hepatitis treatment services by MoH, it is very much possible for Malaysia to be known not only for the control of COVID-19 pandemic but also in reducing the infection of viral hepatitis among Malaysians.

MAC wishes to thank Coalition PLUS for funding and providing technical support for us to realise this agenda at a community level and continues to support the MoH Malaysia.