Advocacy team works on to advocate on policy matter related to issues concerning PLHIV/MARPS, on their rights to access treatment, care and support and also to look into a possibility of law and legal review of existing policies to benefit PLHIV/MARPS.

Organizing strategic engagement between MARP and Government and Religious agencies on HIV/AIDS issues with the support of the MARPS Policy desk which will be more focused on the matters concerning policies and rights of MARPS and to further engaged representative from the community in meetings and dialogue with the Government and Religious Agencies.

Maintain good working relationship with corporate partners and external funders of MAC and MAF, conducting and coordinating fundraising activities and at the same time advocating HIV/AIDS agenda to corporate sectors.

The main objective is to improve the quality and coverage of prevention programmes among most at risk and vulnerable populations through sharing of needles and syringes, prevention of HIV transmission through unprotected sex and prevention of parent to child transmission.