Strategy 1.1: Prevention of HIV transmission through the sharing of needles and syringes
of the Malaysia National Strategy on HIV and AIDS 2011 – 2015 (draft) recognises the urgency of sustaining and scaling up existing comprehensive prevention interventions, i.e. needle and syringe exchange programme (NSEP) and methadone maintenance therapy (MMT), in the injecting drug user (IDU) population. The Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC) and its Partner Organisations continued to carry out and expanded the NSEP to two new sites in 2011, bringing the total of NSEP sites nationwide to 19. This includes the unique site that provides gender-sensitive services to women, friends and partners of IDUs in Kuantan called Persona Grata Wanita run by Drug Intervention Community (DIC) Pahang, also introduced in 2011. With 8,904 new clients registered in 2011, the NSEP has cumulatively served 33, 344 IDUs over the past six years of its implementation.

In 2011

NSEP 2011
Source: Monitoring & Evaluation, Malaysian AIDS Council (2011)

Achievements and Coverage of the NSEP in Malaysia in 2011

NSEP 2011 achieve

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