Men who Have Sex with Men (MSM) is an inclusive public health term to describe male persons who engage in sexual activities with members of the same sex, irrespective of their sexual identity. Due to a strict and prohibitive socio-cultural and legal environment, male-to-male sexual practices are often misunderstood and highly stigmatised, thus creating barriers for MSM to access HIV prevention, treatment, care and support services.

“Whether ‘officially’ recognised or not, sex between men occurs in all societies and between men of all ages. This is as true in the Asia and Pacific region as it is in all parts of the world. Being bold by speaking openly about subjects and behaviours that may be taboo is often necessary for an effective response to AIDS.”


MSM Sexual Health Survey 2018

We would like to invite the public to participate in this survey which would provide MAC with an updated information in order to deliver services effectively. Therefore, the purpose of this survey is to understand the issues of male sexual health among Men who have sex with Men (MSM) in Malaysia. This would further help us in designing, planning, promoting, developing, implementing and monitoring the relevant programmes.

Please find the survey in BM here:

and English version here:

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