Treatment, Care & Support

  1. What treatments are available to help people living with HIV?

Existing treatment known as Highly Active Anti Retroviral Therapy or HAART.  It is a tablet taken as schedule. With the right treatment, the body’s immune enhanced their positive and can lead normal lives.


  1. How treatment can help people living with HIV?

It can help to increase the body’s immune system and help them live positively as those who do not have HIV.


  1. What is the importance of care and support to people living with HIV?

HIV is the virus attacks the immune system. HIV positive people who are very susceptible to diseases related to immune system weakness. It is important that their positive support and the right treatment for HIV are not spread directly destroys the body’s immune system and makes people living with HIV reached the AIDS stage.

Stigma and Discrimination

  1. What type of stigma and discrimination experienced by people living with HIV?

Stigma and discrimination are broad enough in scope. Apart from the stigma and discrimination (S&D) social, there are also S&D in the workplace, family, economic and human rights. People living with HIV often report  on S&D social and at the workplace.


  1. What are the challenges the Malaysian AIDS Council in reducing stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV?

a)      Level of awareness among community about HIV/AIDS and how is transmission

b)      Policies and procedures in the workplace that has yet to support efforts to reduce stigma and discrimination

c)       Media involvement in providing accurate messages about HIV / AIDS to the Community