Drop-in Centers (DICs) are an extension to outreach activities with the aim of providing direct services for key affected populations in a non-judgmental environment. The services differ from one setting to another dependent upon the key affected populaton served, but chiefly include facilities for maintaininig personal hygiene and basic healthcare, warm meals, peer education, support groups, as well as referrals for voluntary HIV counselling and testing and legal aid.

The DIC in Penang provides the opportunity for people living with HIV (PLHIV) and their family members to participate in peer education sessions and support group activities. In Melaka, sex workers (SWs) may benefit from the sexual and reproductive health education as well as HIV and STI services offered through the DIC. Meanwhile, the DIC for women in Pahang catering to spouses and intimate partners of Injecting drug users (IDUs) enables them to access services such has peer counselling, support sessions and referrals.