Malaysian AIDS Council
Who We Are

The Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC) was established in 1992 to serve as an umbrella organisation to support and coordinate the efforts of non-governmental and other organisations working on HIV/AIDS issues in Malaysia. MAC works in partnership with government agencies, the private sector and international organisations to ensure a committed and effective response to HIV/AIDS issues in Malaysia.

MAC, comprising the Secretariat and its Partner Organisations, provides nationwide coverage of community-based HIV services and serves as the common voice for the communities served. Besides coordinating and streamlining programmes of its Partner Organisations, the MAC Secretariat also provides these organisations with the necessary training, funds and other resources to implement effective HIV/AIDS programmes within various communities in Malaysia.

The Secretariat helps to facilitate the activities of its Partner Organisations in:

Coordinating HIV/AIDS programmes through structured annual programme planning with the goal of reducing HIV vulnerability in key affected populations via prevention, care and support interventions

Capacity-building through training, programme management, financial, advocacy and technical (Secretariat Capacity Building process).

Advocacy with other stakeholders (other NGOs, networks, government agencies and private sector bodies) to instill a sense of urgency of HIV/AIDS and create an enabling environment for effective responses.

In 2017, The Registry of Societies Malaysia recognized the Malaysian AIDS Council as a society that complies with the Code of Good Governance.

Who is MAF?

To raise and administer funds to support the activities and programmes of Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC) and its Partner Organisations, The Malaysian AIDS Foundation (MAF) was formed in 1993. MAF supports the activities of MAC and its Partner Organisations across the country to implement projects funded by the Ministry of Health and other funding bodies. These include shelter homes for People Living with HIV, including women and children who have been abandoned by their families, outreach programmes for marginalised communities and needle and syringe exchange programme (NSEP) for injecting drug users.

To read more about MAF, click here: https://yam.org.my

What We Do

Our Objectives

  • Increase awareness of HIV/AIDS
  • Prevent the spread of HIV
  • Eliminate discrimination, stigma and prejudice associated with HIV/AIDS
  • Promote and protect the rights of those made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS
  • Ensure the highest possible quality of life for those with HIV/AIDS
  • Provide care and support to individuals with HIV/AIDS

Our Vision

  • A society free from the negative impact of HIV and AIDS where the AIDS epidemic is under control through comprehensive prevention, treatment, care, support and impact alleviation services particularly for the most vulnerable and marginalised populations.

Our Mission

  • The mission of the Malaysian AIDS Council is to represent, mobilise and strengthen non-governmental organisations and communities to ensure political commitment and effective response in a supportive environment at national and local levels. In scaling up its unified efforts, the Malaysian AIDS Council will work in partnership with government, private sector, international organisations and people living with HIV.
Organisation Structure

Executive Committee 2018 – 2020

The MAC Executive Committee bring a vast range of knowledge and experience to the task of governing the NGO. They oversee the direction and execution of the MAC’s purpose and advocate the vision and strategic direction established by the Management.

Mr. Bakhtiar Talhah

Professor Dato’ Dr. Adeeba Kamarulzaman
Vice President

Professor Dr. Azlinda Azman
Honorary Secretary

Ms. Elisha Kor Krishnan
Assistant Honorary Secretary

Mr. Ken Woo Kin Fai
Honorary Treasurer

Mrs. Jubaidah Nagoor Pitchay
Ordinary Exco Member

Ms. Mona Hanim Sheikh Mahmud
Ordinary Exco Member

Mr. Naggappan Periyapayyan
Ordinary Exco Member

Dr. Theyveeka Selvy Rajoo
Ordinary Exco Member

Dr. Zaiton Yahaya
Ordinary Exco Member


The MAC Secretariat serves as an administrative body of the Malaysian AIDS Council that manages the day-to-day operations of the Council.

MAC Organisation Chart 2018 to 2020

Parimelazhagan A/L Ellan
Executive Director
[email protected]

Tamayanty A/P Kurusamy
Program Director
[email protected]

Nagappan A/L Tv.S.L. Subramanian
Operations Director
[email protected]

Sivayogan A/L T. Krishnar
Manager, Admin & Compliance
[email protected]

Parimala Devi A/P Selvaraj
Manager, Human Resource & Capacity Building
[email protected]

Kaneson A/L Panielselvam
Manager, Financial Management
[email protected]

Manohara A/P Subramaniam
Manager, Regional
[email protected]

Azahari Bin Said
Manager, Regional
[email protected]

Md Yusralhakim Bin Yusoff
Manager, Regional
[email protected]

Anushiya Karunanithy
Manager, HCV Project
[email protected]

Nur Hajra Binti Mohd Makhatar
Manager, Advocacy & Community Development
[email protected]

Raudhah Najwa Binti Idris
Officer, Administration
[email protected]

Azwatul Hawa Binti Abdul Mutalib
Senior Officer, Financial Management
[email protected]

Nadrah Binti Yusoff
Senior Officer, Grant Management
[email protected]

Syahirah Jhan Binti Abdul Halil Khan
Senior Officer, M&E
[email protected]

Thana Seelan A/L Somanathan
Officer, M&E
[email protected]

Mohamed Yusoff Fasri Bin Abdullah
Officer, M&E
[email protected]my

Nor Farah Binti Md Noor
Officer, Finance & Accounts
[email protected]

Thana Seelan A/L Lechumanan
Officer, Project Financial
[email protected]

Nirvinjeet Singh Sidhu
Officer, Communication, HCV Project
[email protected]

Muhamed Egha Bin Elias
Senior Officer Advocacy, HCV Project
[email protected]

S. Chandran A/L Somasuntharam
Officer, Technical
[email protected]

Nur Athira Fathiyah A. Ghani
Officer, Technical
[email protected]

Sharifah Suhartini Binti Engku Lambak
Assistant, Admin
[email protected]

M. Suntaram A/L Muniandy
Assistant, Admin
[email protected]

Amarjit Kaur A/P Mahinder Singh
Office, Assistant
[email protected]