Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC)

The Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC) was established in 1992 to serve as an umbrella organisation to support and coordinate the efforts of organisations working on HIV/AIDS issues in Malaysia. MAC, in partnership with government agencies, private sector and international organisations, ensures a committed and effective response by NGOs working on HIV/AIDS issues in Malaysia.

MAC, comprising the Secretariat and its Partner Organisations, work together as a team to provide nationwide coverage and serve as the common voice for the community. Besides coordinating and streamlining programmes with its Partner Organisations, the MAC Secretariat also provides these organisations with the necessary training, funds and other resources to implement effective HIV/AIDS programmes within various communities in Malaysia.

The Secretariat helps to facilitate the activities of its Partner Organisations in:

Coordinating HIV/AIDS programmes through structured annual programme planning with the goal of reducing HIV vulnerability of their intended target group (geographic spread and all target groups) via prevention, care and support interventions.

Capacity-building through training, programme management, financial, advocacy and technical (Secretariat Capacity Building process).

Advocacy with other stakeholders (other NGOs, networks, other government agencies and private sector bodies) to instil a sense of urgency of HIV/AIDS and create an enabling environment.

The primary objectives of MAC are:

  • Increase awareness of HIV/AIDS
  • Prevent the spread of HIV
  • Eliminate discrimination, stigma and prejudice associated with HIV/AIDS
  • Promote and protect the rights of those made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS
  • Ensure the highest possible quality of life for those with HIV/AIDS
  • Provide care and support to individuals with HIV/AIDS